So how did that make you feel???

Hey there beautiful, virtuous ladies!

One thing that I love about being a woman is that there is never a shortage of occasions to dress up. Now that prom season is over and we’re done playing dress up with our daughters, little sisters, and cousins that went to the prom (I thoroughly enjoyed watching my baby sis go to her first prom!), it’s time for….drumroll please…. WEDDING SEASON! Spring marks the beginning of a plethora of nuptials and with that comes the festivities! Yesssss! Some of you may know that I’m getting married in the fall, but before then, I have 4 other weddings to attend. So, even though I have to think about my own wedding and bridal shower, I’m also brainstorming my outfits for other peoples’.

Sooo,  I figured I’m not the only one with weddings and bridal showers and parties (oh my!) to attend, and I thought we’d kick off this conversation with a few ideas on what to wear to a bridal shower. The challenge with bridal shower and wedding guest attire is that you want to look fab without overshadowing the bride. I know that’s hard for some of us to do because we like for our fashion to be on 1000 wherever we go (I’m guilty). Please don’t wear all white, bright red, or black (without a pop of color or adornments like sequins) to somebody’s wedding…lol. But since it’s spring, you still want to wear color and show up looking gorgeous! I’ve put together some ideas here. Whether you’re going for dressy, dressy casual, casual, or classic, you can conquer the bridal shower attire challenge, and still let the bride be the star!

Bridal shower outfit ideas

And now here’s some substance for ya!

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”

~Maya Angelou

One of my favorite quotes, and it’s so true! Now how many times have you seen a thing, seen a person, ate a food, and it immediately makes you FEEL a certain way? That macaroni and cheese just made me feeeel like I’m back home in NC eating my mama and auntie’s cooking. The moment that I see my fiance after a long day of work makes me feel at peace. When I walk up to a roller coaster at Busch Gardens, I feel like I want to pass out before I get on. The point is, everything evokes a FEELING, and people NEVER forget how you made them feel.

 Quick Read: 1 Thessalonians 5:11

I remember the first time I met my fiance. I don’t remember our entire conversation, and yes I feel bad about it…lol. But I do remember how I felt during that conversation. It was a good feeling because he was listening to me. He was attentive to what I was saying and genuinely seemed to want to get to know me. Hey, I wasn’t used to that level of genuineness from a guy, so yes it made me feel good! I also have numerous stories about how I haven’t felt so good after talking to a guy, and yes, I remember them too, but they don’t matter…haha.

What I want to encourage you to do today is to make someone feel good! You can start a revolution of making people feel good, by just starting with one person. Smile at someone and tell them good morning! Tell someone they’re beautiful! If you’re a lady, compliment another lady on her outfit today, and genuinely mean it (I know I have to tell some of you that because I know how us women can be, wink wink). Pay for someone’s food in the cafe at work! There are countless things that you can do to make someone’s day, so start brainstorming.

Often times, women can be guilty of not lifting each other up. Don’t deny it because I know I’m telling the truth…lol. If you’re a woman have you ever thought about why that is? How are you making other women feel when you encounter them? Are you only complimenting the ones that you aren’t “threatened” by? Do you make judgments about another woman and verbalize those judgments before you get to know her? If you do those things, what do you have to gain? And how are you making others feel in the process? Ok, I’m off my soapbox (for now!), but we have to think about the impact that we have on other people and the WORLD!

Challenge 1: #Complimentalady

After conversing with some of you on Facebook on the topic of women lifting each other up, I realized that we need to take action. So, if you’re a woman, I challenge you to compliment another lady, or two, or three, today. Let her know that you appreciate her, you think she’s beautiful, she dresses well, she’s one of the smartest women you know, etc. You can leave a note on her desk, tell her in person or even write on her Facebook wall. Make sure that you use the hashtag  #Complimentalady, after you finish with your compliment on Facebook, Twitter, etc.  Ex) Hey____! I think you are so smart and you inspire me to be a better woman too!  #Complimentalady


One day, I was thinking about all of my uncles and aunts that have done so much for me over the years, and have supported all of my endeavors. I decided that I would start what I called Operation Grateful,  and I sent every one of the aunts and uncles that have impacted my life a personalized, handwritten thank you card to tell them how grateful I was to have them in my life. It was random, and spur of the moment, but that’s the best kind of gift. I hoped that the words that I wrote to each of them would let them know that although we don’t speak regularly, I love them a lot, and can only hope that I can be there for them, like they have been for me. I didn’t want anything in return, I just wanted them to know that they are loved and appreciated, even from far away. That was my Operation Grateful. Why don’t you start your own Operation Grateful? Or come up with another way to show your love and appreciation to your loved ones? Also, get in the habit of blessing other people with your words and deeds. It doesn’t have to always be about money. Your words and deeds will make people FEEL good, and they will never forget that.

So whenever you encounter a person, think about it and ask yourself, “How did I make them feel?”….

 Peace and Blessings,

 Candace Sierra-Louise

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