Sassy and Simple!

Good morning loves! Sometimes, you might be a little bit short on time and you have to get dressed in a flash.

Today’s outfits are all about simplicity! I bet you own at least one white t-shirt right? Well, if you don’t I suggest you go grab a few. White tees can be your best friend when you have T minus 5 minutes to get dressed, but you still want to look…say it with me…FABULOUS! Hey, white tees and jeans aren’t just for your boyfriend anymore. When you wear a white tee, make sure that you wear pieces to spice it up like a fierce pump or sandal, a statement necklace, a printed clutch, or a beautiful blazer. Skinny jeans are great, but try it with boyfriend jeans too! Check out the outfit inspirations that I created for you below!

Sassy and Simple: The white tee!

Love and happiness,

Candace Sierra-Louise

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